Ginger Bistro

Last week, along with Barry’s sisters and sister-in-law, I went out for the night in Belfast to Ginger Bistro on Hope Street, before heading over to the Grand Opera House to see ‘Hairspray.’

I’d never been to Ginger before so was looking forward to trying it out. A quick scan over the menu revealed lots of fish/sea food, including Creamy seafood chowder, Crispy skin fillet of sea bass, Local fillet of skin-on cod and the Whole fish of the day.

There was also a large dedicated vegetarian menu, which had a noteworthy 6 starters and 4 mains- which delighted the vegetarian in our company.

I picked my starter from said vegetarian menu, deciding upon the warm salad of fried Cheddar fritters with pear puree, beetroot and rocket. For mains, it was back to the main menu for Ginger marinated breast of chicken with stir fried bok Choi, roasted peanuts, pineapple and noodles. The fresh flavours of the chicken dish was particularly impressive.

We all gave Ginger a thumbs up- especially for the good choice of dishes available to diners. The restaurant has a pre-theatre meal so worth trying out if you’re heading over to a show.

Warm salad of fried Cheddar fritters

Ginger Marinated Chicken   

Father Ted & Co The Dinner show

Barry is a massive fan of Father Ted so for Christmas, his sister Clara bought us tickets to see a Father Ted & Co show at the Grand Opera House. I’d never been to a dinner at the Opera House so I wasn’t sure how it would work, particularly because of the interactive nature of the show.

So, off we went on St Patricks Day to experience the parody dining experience! When we arrived we were treated to a wine reception in the bar before we heard lots of shouting and commotion. I turned round to see none other than “Father Ted” and “Mrs Doyle” walking around the crowd, joking, taking the mickey out of people and of course, offering cups of tea! From that moment on, I knew this would be no ordinary show!

It was then time to be called into the auditorium, where we spotted the body of “Father Jack” lying in the middle of the room. Suddenly I was chosen as one of the ladies who were made to sit beside and ‘mind’ the body! I had no idea what was going on, but for about ten minutes five of us sat in mourning, and were scolded by Mrs Doyle if we let out a giggle! I think this really set the theme for the night!

So it was back to my seat for dinner- a three course meal was on the cards. For starters we had home-made butternut squash soup, for mains we got chicken wrapped in bacon served on a bed of mash with green beans, and for dessert we were treated to white chocolate cheesecake. The meal was lovely, particularly the cheesecake, but I think you were constantly aware that you could have been pulled away from your dinner at any time (and really, for any reason!)

In between courses, there were things like a singing competition, Irish dancing and a raffle, as well as the performers interacting with each table. At one point I turned round and Barry was being lifted up on the air by Father Dougal! Why? I honestly have no idea!

It was funny, it was wild and it was a bit mad! I think if you let yourself go with the flow, you came away entertained and baffled in equal measures!

The body of Father Jack

Father Ted

Father Dougal and Mrs Doyle

Father Jack and Barry

Barry and Father Dougal

Eoin and the priests!