FroYo at Yogland

I hadn’t heard the term “froyo” until a few months ago as it’s a fairly new concept here in Northern Ireland. The first frozen yoghurt shop, Spoon Street, opened at the end of last year in east Belfast. Fast forward a few months and Yogland opened on the Lisburn Road in July.

I’d never visited Spoon Street so my first froyo experience was when I visited Yogland last week. The idea is that you get a tub, fill it up with as many, or as little, different flavours of frozen yoghurt as you like, and then pile on different toppings- ranging from fruit, cereals and popcorn, right up to Rainbow Drops, chocolate and fizzy sweets! You then pay according to the weight of your ‘masterpiece’.

I went for 2 flavours of froyo- Red Velvet and Hazelnut and then had fun topping it with a mixture of Resse’s pieces and jelly and fizzy sweets! Yum- I loved it!

The total bill for four of us was around £14 so roughly £3.50 each. A bit dearer than, say, a ‘poke’ but a great novelty!

Froyo dispensers

 Choice of toppings

    Finished product!

Maryville House Afternoon Tea

It’s just over two months since I got married and I hadn’t had a chance to catch up with my bridesmaid Eileen since the big day! We decided to go for afternoon tea rather than a quick catch up over coffee, and searching around, decided to try Maryville House on Maryville Park, just off the Lisburn Road.

Marvyille House is a boutique B&B, but also has tearooms which have become more popular for its high tea. We arrived on Sunday afternoon at 2.30 (the last ‘setting’ as it closes at 4pm on Sundays.)

We were asked to pick one choice of sandwich each (13 to choose from), on granary, white or gluten free bread. I went for the bacon and brie with mango chutney, while Eileen chose chicken, avocado, lettuce and sweet chilli sauce. It was good to have a choice rather than have sandwiches set in front of you that you mightn’t eat, but it did mean that we only had two different options.

We then went for the handmade scones with jam and cream, and finished it off with the great selection of sweet treats, such as shortbread, red velvet cake and mini cupcakes. This was, by far, my favourite layer- and probably had a better mix of treats than some other afternoon teas I’ve been at.

I would have liked maybe a third sandwich option, but the buns and cakes definitely made up for it! Lovely! The price is £16.95pp which is good but you do have to pay £5pp deposit if you book so make sure everyone turns up!

 Afternoon Tea for 2
 Sweet Treats at Maryville House

 Choice of sandwiches
 Homemade Scones with Jam and Cream