The Most Magical Library of the Best Stories Ever- CS Lewis Festival

The CS Lewis Festival is currently taking place in east Belfast, with five days of family-friendly events, talks and workshops to celebrate the work of the much-loved Belfast author famous for The Chronicles of Narnia.

With my daughter just about to turn three and big into reading stories, we were invited along to experience The Most Magical Library of the Best Stories Ever.

This is an interactive story-telling experience in which families go on a quest to save Christmas!

The evil Snow Queen doesn’t like stories and is planning on stealing the most magical story of them all – the Christmas story! And without a Christmas story, there’s no Christmas!

Families must help the Literary Fairy, her friend The Faun and the other magical creatures sort out this terrible mess and foil the Snow Queen’s plans.

We walked around the set, hearing stories along the way, and when we came across the evil Queen, we made sure to hide all our letters from her! It was then time to put the letters down the Wishing Well, make our wishes, and save Christmas.

To thank the wee ones for their efforts, we even got to meet Santa and Mrs Claus at the end!

It was a lovely event, well planned and acted, with creative sets and costumes. I thought  Niamh might be a little young (as it was recommended for 4+) but she listened intently and really got involved. Thanks to the festival organisers for putting on such a lovely afternoon!

Check out the festival website for the rest of the events and activities taking place!

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