Santa at Hillmount Garden Centre

In a few weeks time my daughter will be two and this year, she’s starting to recognise Santa.

I’m not sure she knows exactly who he is or what he does, but she’s pointing him out on TV and in decorations! (Maybe it’s just the beard and the red outfit she recognises!)

We were invited along to Santa’s Grotto at Hillmount Garden Centre in Castlereagh and having been last year, I know that the set up is brilliant.

There are lots of different sections and things for kids to see and do before they even get to see the ‘big man’!

This includes meeting Mrs Claus who gives the kids a present and the adults a drink of mulled apple juice (or something a little stronger if you’re not driving!)

The displays are so well done and a lot of thought has clearly gone into the grotto. In another part of the garden centre there are “singing reindeers” and we finished up in the cafe where we enjoyed some tea and cake!

If you haven’t been to see Santa yet, consider Hillmount because the kids will love it!

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