Morbid Manor at Tayto Park

This time next week will be Halloween night…ooooooooo!

I always really enjoy Halloween and got right into the spooky spirit last week when I went down to Tayto Park in County Meath.

The theme park has opened two brand new scary attractions for Halloween – Ghost Hunters for children and Morbid Manor for adults.

We went down to experience Morbid Manor and although I love Halloween, I was never a fan of big fairground rides- especially those which go upside down!

As darkness descends over Tayto Park, an eerie atmosphere comes over the carnival rides and the park. I don’t know how many times I screamed as creeps, ghouls and clowns jumped out at me from behind smoke, bushes and round corners!

Morbid Manor is a spooky abandoned mansion, the ultimate immersive horror experience with 13 actors in full costume.

Guests pass through various rooms and secret passageways and meet the inhabitants of the haunted manor, both dead and alive. At one point it was pitch black  and I had no idea what might grab me or pop up in front of me (…OK, I might have cheated a little as I turned on my phone torch!)

We were then able to catch a night ride on The Cú Chulainn Coaster, Air Racer, Rotator, Windstar and Endeavour. How cool is a rollercoster in the dark?!

One of the highlights for me was experiencing a 5D horror movie, Fun House Express. 5D means you experience a 3D movie, while your seat also moves and the likes of air and water are blown in your face.

Despite not being a fan of scary rides, I’m delighted to say I went on every single one! I was thrown side to side and upside down and LOVED it! I’m so glad I gave them all a go.

Morbid Manor was great craic and a fun way to experience Tayto Park for the first time- all while being terrified by all the spooky goings on!

For more information, visit

​​​ Too funny not to share… face on the rollercoaster!!!

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