Doagh Famine Village, Donegal

During our time at Redcastle Hotel, we wanted to explore the local area as it’s a part of Donegal we had never stayed in before.

One of the places of interest my mum wanted to visit was Doagh Famine Village in Inishowen. This museum tells the story of Irish life from the Great Famine of the 1840s through until the present day.

The first part of the tour looks at Ireland in the 1900s and includes an original thatched cottage from which the museum grew. In fact, the tour guide himself lived in this very cottage until 1984!

This was very hard to believe when you entered the cottage as it seemed so “old-fashioned” and yet 1984 was the year I was born.

The museum shows you how families and communities lived generation after generation, as times moved on and Ireland grew and developed.

The museum is open from 17th March until October 31st (so there are only a few weeks left) with guided tours every day. Check it out if you’re interested in Irish history!


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