Armagh Food and Cider Festival- Part 2

The next stop on our tour was to the Armagh Cider Company, producers of a range of premium artisan cider and apple juices.

The Troughton family have been growing apples since 1898 on their 100 acre farm and their production process is from blossom right through to bottle.

Upon arriving, we were treated to mulled cider from the owners Philip and Helen Troughton before getting a tour of the factory and shown how cider is made. It was great to see how every single part of the production took place right in that factory.

Once the tour was finished we were introduced to a team from Groucho’s on the Square, a family-run pub in Richhill.

During the festival there will be an event called Groucho’s at the Orchards during which the pub will be popping up at the Armagh Cider Company to offer a food sharing and cider pairing evening. As well as tucking in, guests will be able to roam the orchards during peak harvest season.

Groucho’s had kindly laid out some nibbles for us to try as well as a cocktail containing  apple juice made in the very factory we were standing in!

The cocktail was Boatyard Gin (made in Enniskillen), Armagh cider company apple juice, Burrens Balsamic (raspberry and fennel) and caramelised apple. So good!

Some of the range of ciders and apple juices

Touring the factory

Groucho’s on the Square- Gin and Apple Juice cocktails

Read more in Part 3

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