HMS Caroline

Last week I got the chance to tour HMS Caroline, a World War 1 Light Battle Cruiser, based in Belfast.

HMS Caroline, which has undergone extensive restoration, is the sole surviving ship from the Battle of Jutland in 1916.

Working in the Titanic Quarter, I was curious about the ship I pass every single day.

What was life like on a warship? How did the 300 crew live? Where did they sleep and where did they eat?

The tourist attraction lets you see all this, passing through the Captain’s quarters, to the engine room, to the sick bay, to the decks.

The ship has real character, full of history with an engaging story. I’m not particularly interested in naval or military history, but it appealed to me as someone who simply wanted to see what life was like on a ship for the hundreds of young people who went off to War.

Check out the video and pictures for more!

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