Oblumi Digital Thermometer

For any parents out there, you’ll know a thermometer is a must-have. (We all worry about whether our child has a fever!)

I recently received a thermometer from Oblumi, part of the BubbleBum family (the company which makes inflatable booster seats and is headquartered right here in Northern Ireland.)

Now this isn’t a normal thermometer but one which converts into an infrared digital thermometer when the small device is connected to your very own smartphone! Technology, hey!

So, I download the Oblumi app, connected the device into the headphone jack and it was good to go!

The thermometer takes a recording by either placing the device into the ear or rubbing it on the forehead.

I tried it out on me first and within seconds, the reading had appeared- a normal 37°. I then tried it out on my five month old daughter, Niamh.

At first she was a little wary of the device going into her ear but, having tried thermometers on her before, this was something I expected.

After a second or two, she was back to her smiling self (as you can see!) Her reading was 36.5°, so again a normal temperature.

I thought the device was quick and easy to use, especially because I would always have my phone on me.

I felt taking the temperature in the ear was easier than the forehead, as you couldn’t go wrong. (I think I wasn’t placing it close enough to the temple when doing it on the forehead at first!)

The app allows you to save profiles, so you can have different readings recorded for different members of the family.

The smart technology also allows you to set alarms so you know when to give your child medication if they have a fever and can also check the temperature of liquids such as a bath!

I thought the Oblumi thermometer was a great, handy device and thankfully Niamh liked it! Check out https://www.bubblebum.co/product/oblumi-tapp/ for more!

Handy size for carrying in baby bag

Fits into your smartphone

Trying it out on Niamh

Reading appeared in seconds

Temperature can be saved to ‘profiles’ of family members





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