Reflexology by Joanne

For a few years now I have been fascinated by reflexology, a treatment based on the principle that points on the feet correspond to areas throughout the body.

For example, one small part of the sole of the foot could reveal tension in the shoulder or the lower back. In turn, reflexologists work on, and massage, that part of the foot to restore imbalances.

I’ve had reflexology done a number of times and always feel very relaxed after the treatment. In fact, it is said to relieve stress as well as improve your mood and your sleep.

I was invited to avail of a session by Joanne, owner of “Reflexology by Joanne”. She is based in Randalstown but provides a mobile service so you can have the treatment in the comfort of your own home!

Joanne came to my mum’s house on Thursday night and I was able to enjoy the reflexology while mum looked after Niamh. For over half an hour, she worked on both feet, paying particular attention to where the areas of tension were showing up.

After the session, Joanne was able to tell me that I had built up tension in my head and neck. I was amazed by this as I suffer from tension headaches and am very prone to knots in the neck and shoulder areas.

The treatment was extremely relaxing and I do feel that it helped me sleep well that night! (albeit, between night feeds!)

I loved that the session took place in my mum’s house and found that this would be perfect for individuals or small groups, such as hen parties. Joanne also provides reflexology sessions for social and charity events, as well as wellbeing services for businesses.

For more, visit: or Twitter @ReflexologyNI



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