Deane’s Meat Locker

To celebrate three family member’s birthdays last week we visited Meat Locker in Belfast city centre.

The restaurant is one of three owned by renowned chef Michael Deane in his Howard Street complex- the other two being Love Fish (a seafood restaurant as the name might suggest) and Epic (a fine dining experience.) Meat Locker is all about top quality meat and the Asador grill.

The starters consist of dishes such as duck liver parfait, Walter’s smoked salmon, and a St Tola goats cheese salad. Prices range from a very reasonable £6 for the Meat Locker soup of the day to £10.50 for the Venison carpaccio & crispy shoulder, celeriac, mushrooms and Szechuan.

Two of my party selected the soup while two went for the house breads served with Abernethy butter (a butter handmade in Dromara, County Down which I often rave about.)

I decided upon the beetroot risotto with hazelnut, wild rice and rosemary, costing £8.00. The risotto was beautifully done, creamy without being too runny.

Of course the mains were all about grilled meat! The Meat Locker’s speciality is steak, ranging from Hannan’s 250g shorthorn rump (£17.00) to Hannan’s 350g salt aged Delmonico ribeye (£35.00). As the menu states, Hannan’s Meat is matured in their Himalayan Salt Chamber using a 12ft wall of 1,000 hand–cut Himalayan rock salt bricks.

It was steak for three of our party, while two of us, including myself, went for the Hannan’s BBQ shortrib beef burger with smoked cheddar, relish, dill pickle and fries (£15). The burger was a great size (so much so, the toppings were sliding out as I couldn’t fit it all in in one bite!) and there were no complaints about the other mains.

Other mains include asador grilled chicken with smoked potato, mushroom and tarragon (£15) and whole lemon sole, cockles, spiced sausage and fennel (£17.50.)

We didn’t have dessert in the end as we had birthday cake but at just over £150 for the five of us (including drinks) we thought it was a reasonably priced and very tasty meal!

img_6908House breads and Abernethy butter

img_6909Beetroot Risotto

img_6910Hannan’s BBQ shortrib beef burger

img_6911Hannan’s BBQ shortrib beef burger

fullsizerenderHannan’s 350g salt aged Delmonico ribeye









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