Cryotherapy UK comes to Northern Ireland

A few weeks ago I was invited to try out a treatment called Cryotherapy from Cryotherapy UK which has just launched in The Dressing Room salon in Holywood thanks to Bespoke Laser Treatments.

Cryotherapy is a non-invasive treatment which targets areas of the body with freezing liquid nitrogen.

The idea is that it shocks the nervous system with extreme cold which, in turn, stimulates the body to go into recovery mode, increasing its metabolic rate.

Reported benefits include weight loss, inch loss, bum lifts, face lifts as well as helping with muscle and injury repair. So, of course, I was keen to give it a go!

Ice baths have been one form of Cryotherapy (lauded by numerous celebrities) but this type isolates specific body areas.

I went along to the opening night to hear all about it, before returning last Saturday for my treatment. I decided to go for the facial area as this was the treatment I had seen carried out at the launch night.

The treatment started with a relaxing cleanse and facial before slowly the ice-cold vapour was passed over my face through a funnel.

Temperatures reach -160 degrees but to be honest, it doesn’t feel uncomfortable- more like being in a very cold wind tunnel! Just like a typical day in NI!

While the vapour is being moved around the face, the therapist is massaging the area so it brings warmth to the skin. I was really intrigued to see if had made any difference as I would have slightly red and blotchy skin.

So the verdict? I have to say I was impressed! Ok, it wasn’t going to work miracles in just one session but my skin felt fresher, cleaner and less patchy. Think: a really luxury facial.

The single treatment for the Cryo Face Lift lasts around an hour (including the cleanse and facial beforehand) and costs £65. A course of 6 is £340, a course of 9 is £450 while a course of 12 is £540. (Prices differ for Sports/Recovery treatments and body sculpting treatments.) The salon is situated at 140 High Street, Holywood.

Check out the pictures for yourself!

-160 degrees vapour is passed over the skin

Before and after- less red and much fresher

My face after one session of Cyro Face Lift





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