Grace Foods: Aloe Refresh

It’s always a lovely surprise to be sent some sample food and drink for you to try out! A few days ago, bottles of a new drink called Aloe Refresh from Grace Foods arrived at my door.

I had never tried any Aloe Vera drinks, partly because it reminded me too much of my after-sun cream! Silly, I know.

So, this was the perfect excuse to  give it a go! I had been sent two bottles – one original flavour and one mango flavour! (There are three flavours to choose from, the other being strawberry.)

The juices are made with real aloe vera pieces and, to my surprise, 100% of your daily recommended intake of Vitamin C!

So, what did I think? I thought the drinks were very refreshing and would definitely quench your thirst! Nice!

What I would say, though, is I think you  would like Aloe Refresh if you’re a fan of drinks with pulp, or “orange juice with bits”! It has a similar constituency, so it’s not a smooth drink. My favourite was mango- such a great taste!

A bottle is £1.39 (RRP), gluten-free and suitable for vegetarians. Many thanks to Grace Foods for introducing me the world of aloe vera drinks!


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