Secret Supper: Town Square

I’m the type of person who, once they’ve booked a restaurant, has to browse the menu before they go! (I basically know what I’m having before I set foot in the place!)But every so often Yelp Belfast host a Secret Supper where guests don’t know where they’ll be going to (very often) until they arrive a designated meeting point!

Last night I attended my first Secret Supper this year! 20 of us met at Madison’s bar for a quick drink before we made our way to the secret venue….Town Square.

The restaurant is situated on Botanic Avenue (just across the road from the Empire) , formerly Metro restaurant. The new owner relaunched the restaurant as Town Square at the end of last year, with the help of one of the guys behind Belfast coffee house, Established. (So, I expected it to have that cool, laid-back feel about it that Established is known for.)

We arrived at about 6.45pm and were quickly served our first course, Cauliflower soup with truffle oil served with homemade Guinness wheaten. The soup was thick and creamy; the sort of comforting soup you want on a cold, miserable day. And the wheaten…well, I’d go back for that alone! I don’t drink Guinness but that was delicious!

It wasn’t long before our plates were cleared and we were served our second course of the night- Chicken supreme with mozzarella and sun dried tomatoes served with basil mash and rosemary jus. Again, great flavours, particularly the slightly saltiness of the sun-dried tomatoes contrasting with the sweetness of the basil.

Finally, we were treated to a third course- the classic rhubarb and custard! OK, it was rhubarb and ginger crumble served with creme anglaise (a bit posher!) but again, it was that comforting, home-cooked feeling I got from the first two courses. The rhubarb was tart but mixed with the crumble and the creme anglaise made for a nice finish.

I couldn’t fault the service- the staff were attentive, speedy and friendly. Drinks were over within minutes and answered all my (many) questions about the food. The restaurant has that laid-back “coffee culture” feel I was expecting- in fact, they even have a Monday night Cinema Club and Tuesday night Coffee Club! How cool!

The prices are very reasonable (£3.50 for the soup, £6 for the chicken main, £5.50 for the rhubarb crumble.) Once people start to get the vibe of this place, I think it will do well!

Town Square

Cauliflower soup with Guinness wheaten 

Chicken stuffed with mozzarella and sun-dried tomatoes

Rhubarb and ginger crumble



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