Yelp’s Big Night In: Deliveroo

Recently I have been attending a lot of Yelp Belfast events (if you haven’t checked it out, do so now!

But this week the event came to us! 20 Yelp Elites got credit to try out a brand new delivery service, Deliveroo, which has just launched in Belfast.

Deliveroo brings customers meals from high-quality restaurants (not takeaways) with a transparent, speedy delivery service.

I hadn’t used Deliveroo before as they do not deliver to north Belfast yet (it’s out of the radius) so I decided to head over to my mum’s who lives close to the city centre.

We put in her address and were shown about 9 available restaurants, a good mix of American dinners, more traditional Irish cuisine, Mexican favourites and good ol’ pizzerias.

We went for Eddie Rockets on the Lisburn Road and picked a real feast- £30 worth of food so we could get a starter and main each, a side order to share & a Nutella milkshake (which I had heard lots about!)

The process of ordering was so quick and easy and within about five minutes we had ordered, paid and were waiting on food. (Really couldn’t fault the website apart from the fact it doesn’t deliver to my area!)

We were told our food would be delivered in about 30 minutes and were pleasantly surprised when I got a phone call 25 minutes later- very quick service!

To start I picked the Itzy nachos while my mum had the garlic mushrooms. The starters (or nibbles as they are called) cost £2.95 each & they are just the right amount.

For mains I went for the Southern Fried Chicken tenders with bacon, cheese & Cajun sauce (£7) but to my disappointment they came plain! No bacon, cheese or sauce! Had I been in the restaurant I could have let them know, but because it was delivered, I had to eat them without the topping. Nonetheless, they were tasty and crispy and it didn’t put me off…too much!

My mum went for the Smokestack burger (£6.45) which came with smoked cheese, crispy bacon and onion rings! A nice size and not too messy. We shared sweet potato fries and I had a Nutella milkshake to finish- now that was a treat!

Everything was enjoyable, apart from one wrong order. I would definitely use Deliveroo again because I was impressed with the quick & easy process! Where to next?

Meals on Wheels: Our friendly Deliveroo delivery driver

Starters: Nachos and Garlic Mushrooms 

Southern Fried Chicken tenders- lovely but with no bacon, cheese or Cajun sauce

 Smokestack burger

Sweet potato fries


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