Belfast Mouthing Off: Champions Night

A few months ago I got the chance to help decide what was the best cupcake in Belfast– tough job, I know!

It was part of the Yelp Belfast’s Mouthing Off series and involved eating 8 different cupcakes and deciding which one we thought was the winner. In the end it was J-Bird bakery which was crowned champion.

I was pretty late to the show but the Mouthing Off Series has been running since last year and so far there have also been competitions for the best chicken wings, cocktail, pizza, burrito and burger in Belfast.

This Monday was a celebration for the winners and 20 lucky Yelp reviewers got the chance to have a champions night dinner! It was a fantastic night celebrating some of the best cuisine Belfast has to offer, even if I could hardly move by the end of it!

Here’s what we were treated to:

Course 1: Best chicken wings in Belfast. Hot chicken wings from The Hotplate Noshery

Course 2: Best pizza in Belfast. The Brooklyn from Pizza Works

Course 3: Best burrito in Belfast: Burrito from Acapulco 

Course 4:Best Burger in Belfast. The  beef Shin Burger from The Barking Dog 

Course 5: Best cupcake in Belfast: Red Velvet cupcake from J-Bird Bakery

All washed down with the Best Cocktail in Belfast: Clipped Wing Royale from Zen

Brilliant meal from all the well deserved champions!

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