Yelp’s Balloon Party

On Friday night I went to a party. Ok, sounds like an average Friday night, but this was a party with a difference: an adults’ kids’ party!

Yes, a party for adults, complete with pizza, coke floats, popcorn and balloons…lots of balloons!

The party was hosted by Yelp Belfast at Studio Souk on Castle Lane and was the start of weekend-long celebrations which involved TEN THOUSAND balloons! (Glad I wasn’t the one blowing them up!)

The coke floats had an extra touch (rum to be exact!), while the pizza was from Pizza Works on the Antrim Road and the ice-cream from Café Mauds! Everything was delicious and the pizza was snapped up in minutes!

It was great to see so many people letting their inner child run wild and enjoying the great craic amongst the mountain of balloons. Something extremely different for a Friday night!

Another really fun event from Yelp Belfast.



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