Wee Toast Tours- the Belfast “beer bike”

After spending Saturday at a 30th birthday watching Edward Scissorhands at a private cinema, the next day it was a very different 30th! One which involved beer and cycling!

For my friend Eileen’s big birthday, her family had hired what’s probably more commonly known as the “beer bike!”

Wee Toast Tours is a cycle tour through the streets of Belfast, only you’re not doing the steering! It’s a portable bar, whereby a waiter is serving you drinks and all you have to do is keep peddling! (Clearly the driver provided is not drinking and is doing the hard work- the driving!)

The bike holds up to 15 people and needs at least 8 for the peddle power. The tours last one hour or 2 hours, costing £12 per hour for a single seat. You can bring your own drink and own music and off you go!

I have to say it was so so funny- and the looks we were getting were priceless! Blasting out One Direction while drinking and cycling up Royal Avenue is something I won’t forget! If you’re up for a laugh, this is the tour for you!


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