Northern Ireland Christmas Dinner

An email popped up in my inbox last week, challenging me to have a Northern Irish Christmas dinner! With so many great local producers, the idea was that I could have a full festive feed with meats, potatoes and all the trimmings from right on our doorstep.

The email was from Tesco NI and to help, they were going to send me a hamper full to the brim of local produce. Of course, it was challenge accepted! On Monday I arrived home to a brilliant selection of goods including Cookstown honey cured fillet of ham, Wilsons Country potatoes, Genesis Crafty wheaten and Mash Direct Turnip. What a lovely gift!

The next day it was Christmas party time!

To start, we had two selection of soups- the pre-prepared Big Pot Co ‘Tangy Tomato and Basil’ soup made in Cookstown, and vegetable soup which I made using the mixed soup vegetables in the hamper. The soup was accompanied by the fresh wheaten bread.

Then it was on to the mains. We glazed the ham in mustard, honey, marmalade and Demerara sugar (a ‘Hairy Bikers’ recipe). Using the cream and Dromona Cheese we made Potato Dauphinoise and served the meat and potatoes with the accompaniments- sprouts, carrots, turnip, honey glazed parnsips and sage and onion stuffing (to which we added our own sausage meat)

After all that we were pretty stuffed but managed a cup of tea and a slice of Howells Christmas Madeira Cake. A massive thanks to Tesco for the local produce and it definitely goes to show you can have a Northern Ireland Christmas Dinner!


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