Starbucks Belfast Christmas Party

Everyone always says a sure sign it’s Christmas is the arrival of the Starbucks Red Cups!

I was delighted to be have invited down to Starbucks Christmas party at Corn Market in Belfast last week to try out their festive food and drink offering!

Upon arrival, I was greeted with loads of yummy treats before a one on one session with Coffee Master Ben.

He talked me through the different coffee regions and the many flavours which come through the drinks because of where the beans come from.

It was then on to the coffee tasting! First we took in the look and smell, then ‘slurped’ the coffee to spray it around the palate and get the aroma up into the nose.

We finished with sipping the coffees and pairing it with treats, such as chocolate brownie, to enhance the flavour. It was very different, as I’ve been on many wine tasting sessions, but never coffee tastings!

I was then able to try the honey almond hot chocolate, ginger bread latte, toffee latte and even eggnog!

It was a fun night so thanks to the team at Starbucks Belfast!

Ben taking me through the coffee tasting

Christmas hot chocolate and coffees

 Trying out the Christmas offering

 Starbucks Christmas treats

 Starbucks Christmas treats

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