North Belfast Lantern Parade

I often head to Waterworks in north Belfast but this Thursday the park will play host to a special Halloween event.

Up to 4,000 people are set to head to the Waterworks on 29th October to take part in one of Northern Ireland’s biggest cross-community events- the North Belfast Lantern Parade and Magical Festival.

Organised by New Lodge Arts, attendees to the parade- which sets off from Crumlin Road Gaol at 6.45pm- can expect street theatre, interactive performers, live music and dance arts.

Also on display will be silt walkers, traditional Indian DHOL drummers and food stalls, all culminating with a firework finale at 8.45pm in Waterworks Park.

Hundreds of local children from over 30 schools and community groups are taking part in the lantern parade so it should be brilliant to see! Tickets are just £1 each and are available from The Aston Centre. Gather at Crumlin Road Goal from 6pm this Thursday.


Local school kids preparing for the Lantern Parade


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