FroYo at Yogland

I hadn’t heard the term “froyo” until a few months ago as it’s a fairly new concept here in Northern Ireland. The first frozen yoghurt shop, Spoon Street, opened at the end of last year in east Belfast. Fast forward a few months and Yogland opened on the Lisburn Road in July.

I’d never visited Spoon Street so my first froyo experience was when I visited Yogland last week. The idea is that you get a tub, fill it up with as many, or as little, different flavours of frozen yoghurt as you like, and then pile on different toppings- ranging from fruit, cereals and popcorn, right up to Rainbow Drops, chocolate and fizzy sweets! You then pay according to the weight of your ‘masterpiece’.

I went for 2 flavours of froyo- Red Velvet and Hazelnut and then had fun topping it with a mixture of Resse’s pieces and jelly and fizzy sweets! Yum- I loved it!

The total bill for four of us was around £14 so roughly £3.50 each. A bit dearer than, say, a ‘poke’ but a great novelty!

Froyo dispensers

 Choice of toppings

    Finished product!

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