SkyTrek Activity Centre

A few weeks ago I was invited to come along to Colin Glen Forest and try out the SkyTrek Activity Centre. Now I’m not usually one for big heights or any extreme sports, but I’m always up for trying something different, so off I went to the centre on the Stewartstown Road in Dunmurry last Saturday.

SkyTrek has been open for nearly two years and offers a daunting 16m ropes course, a 5m ropes course, 30ft climbing wall, 90m ziplines, as well as the (feet-firmly-on-the-ground) sport of archery.

I thought I would ease myself in gently and tried out the archery. The centre has two target boards so Barry and I were able to practice together and get the feel of the bow and arrows, before having a competition. For each round we shot five arrows, with the points totted up at the end. Not once, not twice, but for three rounds, I beat him! (He’ll not be pleased at me saying that!)

On a high from the win, I then moved on to the more daunting activities of the day. Our instructor Brendan got me set up in my safety gear (harness and hat etc) before it was up the climbing wall I went! 30ft is fairly high, so I didn’t quite make it to the top, I’m ashamed to say. But it was very exciting, nonetheless!

It was then over to the rope course, where I crossed log bridges, tyres, swinging balance beams and more, 5m up! Wow! You are completely secure but there’s still that fear factor that gives you such an adrenaline rush!

Finally, it was time for the zipline! Yes, the 90m zipline! A few minutes of “trust me, it’s fine” from Brendan ensued before I finally pushed myself off the edge….and loved it!

SkyTrek is a great place to overcome fears, and I came away very pleased with myself! Sometimes you have to push yourself (in this case, quite literally) to realise how exciting some challenges really are!


 Ropes Course

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