See you at the Deerstalker

A few weeks ago I was intrigued to have received a boxed gift in the post which contained a ceramic deer’s head! It was accompanied by an invitation to check out the new Deerstalker Bar & Bistro in Portrush, with the hashtag #SeeYouAtTheDeerStalker.

The new 120-seat bar is part of the GolfLinks Hotel/ Kelly’s complex. Now, I’d been to Kelly’s a few times during my university days up in Coleraine, so was interested to see what it looked like for a bite to eat and a few quiet drinks.

Last Thursday, along with my friend Eileen, and other invited bloggers and media, we jumped on the bus which was taking us up to the North Coast. On the bus we heard about the history of the complex and some of the famous faces to cross its doors.

We did a quick tour of the bars before stopping at the Deerstalker to sample some of the new menu- the lovely mini-burgers and chips. We had a few drinks before making our way to Kelly’s, which looked very different empty!

We stayed for a few hours before the bus brought us back down to Belfast about 10.30pm. The Deerstalker has a nice dark wooden interior- designed by Drew Henry, the same designer as the interior of The Merchant hotel, in fact.

The Deerstalker reminds me of a countryside-pub, somewhere to relax and enjoy traditional pub grub.

Invitation to the Deerstalker
  Deer’s Head

 Famous faces to visit the complex

 Sampling the menu

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