Having a go on the new Belfast Bikes

On Wednesday I got the chance to try out the new Belfast Bikes before they ‘go live’ to the public next week.

From Monday, 300 bikes will be available to hire to make short cycle journeys across Belfast city centre. Think being able to jump on a bike outside Castlecourt and cycling up to the Dublin Road, or grabbing a bike at Central Station and heading over to St Anne’s Square. It’s all about accessibility across the city.

They’re already really popular in other big cities around the UK and Ireland , including London (‘Boris Bikes’) and Dublin.

So, here’s some quick facts about the new Belfast bike scheme:

1.) The first phase of the bike scheme will initially have 30 docking stations. Check out the locations of the first 30 stations here.

2.) You can pay £5 for a three day membership (good for tourists) or just £20 for a full year’s subscription!

3.) Once you’ve paid a subscription, you can cycle for half a hour for absolutely no cost. It’s only 50p for up to one hour!

4.) The bikes will be available to hire 7 days a week from 6am to 12am.

5.)To hire a bike, simply swipe your membership card at the on-street terminal or use the Nextbike app. (It was really straight forward when I tried it out.)

I’m looking forward to seeing the bikes around Belfast from Monday!

Docking station just outside City Hall

At St Anne’s Square



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