Tyrone and Sperrins Visit: The Jungle NI

As part of our visit to Tyrone and Sperrins, the last (but not least!) place on the itinerary was a trip to The Jungle NI.

I’d heard a lot about The Jungle NI from friends who’d been on stag parties and work team-building days- so I knew I’d be in for a right laugh (with undoubtedly a few heart stopping moments thrown in for good measure!)

We’d booked in for a “Tarzan Tree Top Adventure” and “Zorbing”, but the centre offers loads of other activities such as Segway, archery, clay pigeon shooting, paintballing and even..llama trekking!

The Tree Top Adventure, as the name might suggest, is an obstacle course but high up in the trees. I’m not sure I knew what I was letting myself in for because I definitely gasped when I saw what I would be crossing- rope bridges and single, narrow logs, for example- all while looking down!

Of course, you’re completely secure as the system means you cannot physically unhook yourself until clipped onto another line. Phew, that was good to hear!

It took a while but once I got into it, I really enjoyed the different obstacles- (even if I couldn’t wait to reach each standing point!) But what an rush! The course ended with a zipline and one final “Power Drop”- a big jump right to the ground!

Once the Tree Top adventure was finished, we headed over to the zorbing area. If you’re not sure what zorbng is, it is being strapped up inside a giant ball and rolled down a hill. It’s basically a high speed tumble, going upside down, and round and round, down a 300m hill! Wow! I laughed and screamed the whole way down! One of my highlights of the weekend.

I really enjoyed The Jungle NI and would have loved to have tried a few more activities. It was just Barry and I, but I’d imagine it would be great craic to get a big group together!

Tree Top Adventure

 Barry on Tree Top Adventure

 Me on Tree Top Adventure

VIDEO 1- Zipline


VIDEO 2- Zorbing at Jungle NI

Me inside the Zorbing Ball!

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