David Meade at The MAC

I started to follow the work of David Meade a number of years ago on his BBC show and was hooked. The mentalist’s skills are quite unbelievable, and he really does seem to read peoples’ minds. I went to one of his shows in The MAC in Belfast last year and had a brilliant night, so when I saw that he was coming back again this year, I snapped up two tickets straight away.

Myself and my brother went last Friday and I knew John was in for a treat. At the beginning I think you’re a bit nervous and hope you don’t get picked (!) but by the end, the audience was really getting involved and wanting to take part.

A friend of mine, Lucy, was one of the one’s chosen and, along with her boyfriend Chris and his family, went up on stage. They were all asked to draw anything they thought of and David Meade correctly stated which drawing belonged to which person. Of course, when he got to only one person and one drawing left, it was obvious to whom it belonged- so he correctly said exactly what Chris had drawn! Both drawings of a car were nearly identical!

Throughout the show we were amazed by his talent- to asking a member of the audience to pick out a word from any page in a book and then it turned out the page had already been ripped out, to enabling a man to smash a glass jug in his hands with just his thoughts. It was shocking, it was exciting and most of all, it was astonishing! I would urge anyone to catch the TV show if you can!

Lucy and Chris at David Meade

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