Red Bull Crashed Ice

I was delighted to have won four tickets to last week’s Red Bull Crashed Ice at Stormont. Hands up, I had never heard of the event until the spectacular images of the stage being set up started to appear in the local press- but Crashed Ice is a popular world tour, with over 225,00 spectators in 2014 alone.

Previous host countries have included Canada, USA and Russia- i.e. where winter sports are the norm-so I was very interested to see how Belfast would take to the event. However, the fact that (according to host Pete Snodden) it was the first time the event had ever sold out in it’s history, spoke for itself.

We attended the opening night last Friday, and the place was packed by the time we got there. The best vantage points were right up at the barriers, but unfortunately, they were all taken so we had to stand back a little.

Saying that, it was great to catch a glimpse of the competitors as they flew past at high speed and I managed to get some great videos!

I would love to have seen the action up-close but it was definitely something different for a Friday night and I’m glad we got the chance to see it before it moves on to another country!

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