Searching for Pegasus Square after Armagh Planetarium

Every now and then we like to do something a little different and visit places we might not necessarily have considered, such as graveyard tours or spending the afternoon at the museum! This week we headed off on one of those trips- a visit to Armagh Planetarium.

(Armagh Planetarium, College Hill, Armagh, BT61 9DB)

It’s the kind of place you might think is just for school trips but the planetarium’s website says it is “dedicated to astronomy education for all levels, from nursery through to retirement age.” So we headed down to Armagh on Saturday, making it just in time for the stargazing theatre show at 2pm.

There, we (and around 50 other people) were talked through different constellations and how they got their names, such as the Great Square of Pegasus, all boomed on to the theatre’s ceiling. We were also told about the other planets, galaxies and the Northern Lights.

The show was basically to get people interested in stars and astronomy and what to look out for when they looked up at the sky that night. It lasted for around 40 minutes before we made our way around the rest of the planetarium. (There are different types of shows at intervals throughout the day so it would be good to check with the Planetarium what’s on before you go!)

This rest of the planetarium involved, amongst much more, interactive games and displays of meteorites, for example. It was an interesting afternoon but probably better if you have kids with you as I think they would get the most enjoyment out of it! Saying that, I did look out for Pegasus Square and the Northern Star last night so definitely took something away from it!

Armagh Planetarium

Stargazing Show

Looking around Armagh Planetarium

Fragment of a shattered planet

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