Planet Fun

It was back to childhood this week as we took a trip down to Planet Fun on the Boucher Road. For me, it always feels like Halloween is coming when the theme parks arrive!

Planet Fun has been running from 29 August and lasts until this Sunday, 21 September, so just a few days left! It’s open 6pm-10pm Monday to Friday and 1pm-10pm Saturday and Sunday.

We headed down on Saturday night about 6.30pm and paid for the unlimited wrist bands for £12.95 each (this is for all rides bar one. You have to pay for the ‘games’ on top of that) You can also pay £2 per ride if you don’t want to go for the wristbands.

We spent about 2.5 hours there so I’d say we got our monies worth! We went on most of the rides except the massive one, pictured! I’m not a huge fan of rides that go upside down but had geared myself up to do it with Barry! However, when we reached the top of the queue we were told it was not included in the wrist band. It was a shame as Barry was looking forward to it the most, but we decided not to queue up again. I enjoyed the Big Wheel to see the views over some of Belfast! A good night’s craic if you’re up for a laugh!






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