Ben Brazil- All you can eat Brazilian!

As a foodie, I’m a big fan of ‘All you can eat’- ok, who isn’t? Normally we head to the buffet style Asian restaurants, so when a recent deal for Brazilian food came up, I was very tempted.

The deal for Ben Brazil on University Road was £19pp but I think the normal price is around £25pp. It’s a little bit more expensive than other ‘all you can eats’ I’ve been to but was keen to give it a go!

The restaurant is a Brazilian ‘churrascaria’ or steakhouse, with a simple concept – they keep bringing you more meat until you can’t eat anymore! Basically you pick your sides from a hot and cold buffet (including salads, vegetables, rices and potatoes) while the waiter makes his way around and carves meat at your table.

The meats include steak, beef sausage, honey glazed gammon, chicken, spicy wings and lamb shoulder. It’s followed by grilled cinnamon pineapple (which I loved!)

Each diner is given a card- one side is green to signal you want more meat, while red means ‘stop! I’m full!’
It’s a great concept and one which we really enjoyed! We probably didn’t eat as much as we normally would as we had had a late lunch, but it’s definitely a place you can leave suitably satisfied!

A sample of the buffet at Ben Brazil

Ben Brazil in the University Quarter

Grilled cinnamon pineapple

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