Dirty Dancing and Coppi

Last week I went to a show that, to say I was excited about, was an understatement- Dirty Dancing at the Grand Opera House. It’s one of those films that I’ve watched so many times, I’ve lost count! (It, and Grease!)

It’s a running joke that when we were younger, when the “raunchier” scenes came on, we were allowed to go out and get ourselves a packet of crisps! In fact, many years later when I watched it, I said: “I don’t remember this bit!” For me, it was all about the music and the dancing. I knew every word.

So, I got a ticket to the show for my 30th birthday and really couldn’t wait to see it! I headed with Barry’s sisters and sister-in-law last Friday (the 5pm showing) and it was just incredible. The acting, the staging, the dancing… everything. If you’re a fan of the film, you’ll love the stage performance. The actress who played ‘Baby’ (Roseanna Frascona) just looked identical to her! And ‘Johnny’ (Gareth Bailey) got lots of ‘whoops’ and ‘oohs’ from the audience- especially when he took his top off!!! I see on the Grand Opera House website that the rest of the shows are sold out- you’re in for a treat!

photo 1

Dirty Dancing- Grand Opera House

After the show, we all headed round to Coppi restaurant in St Anne’s Square. I’ve been there a couple of times before and always enjoyed the food. This time, however, the menu had changed so I wasn’t able to get my ‘usual’- but this wasn’t a bad thing!

For starters we shared the Cichetti, which are small side dishes/snacks, similar to Spanish tapas.  We had the:

Lemon and Oregano Marinated Black Olive;  

Spiced Pork & Fennel Sausages;

Grilled Peach, Prosciutto, Chilli & Mint;

Polenta Fritti, Olive & Tomato Salsa, Pecorino;

Feta Fritters, Truffled Honey;

Goats Cheese, Roast Pepper & Basil Frittata;

I’m not a fan of olives, so didn’t try them but everything else was lovely (especially the pork and fennel sausages!) I wondered what the grilled peach wrapped in Prosciutto would taste like, (sounds unusual) but it worked!!

For mains, myself and Maeve choose the special risotto of the day, which was tomato, basil and buffalo mozzarella. The others had a special beef dish, or the pizzetta (which stands for small pizzas). Everyone, once again, enjoyed their meal. Can see why Coppi is always booked up!

photo 2

Tomato, basil and mozzarella risotto

photo 3

Coppi beef special

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