Turning the big 30- Part 1 (Camping)

So, I’m officially 30!

The big 3-0!

It was my birthday last Monday (28 July) but I have to say, I really made a full weekend of it! We’d talked about what we could do to celebrate and decided that, instead of heading out in Belfast and in years to come forget where I’d gone, I’d do something a little more memorable!

So we went camping!

As you can tell from my post 3 weeks ago where I talk about camping down in Co Kerry, I’m a big fan!

I took a half day from work on Friday 25th and off eight of us went to Shepherd’s Rest in Draperstown. It’s a campsite/come bar/come wedding venue! There’s plenty of camping space with 18 electric hook up and water points. On site there’s also a lovely old outhouse (with a huge fire roaring while we were there!), a glamping pod, really modern toilets and showers, washing machine and tumble drier, irons, outside table and chairs, BBQs…. the list goes on.

For someone who maybe isn’t keen on camping, or new to camping, this place is perfect as everything you might need (and more) is available. I was really impressed by this place! Plus it’s only over an hour away from home so great for a short break.

The bar is an added bonus! It’s the local bar (on one night NINE brothers, yes nine, came in for a drink) so there’s a good mix of regulars and tourists. And, of course, it was great to have a birthday drink and then not worry about getting taxis home- as your bed was in the back garden!!

photo 2

Setting up camp

photo 1

The new ‘glamping’ pod

photo 2

The outhouse

photo 1

Inside the outhouse

photo 3

My surprise birthday party in the outhouse

photo 4

The campsite bar

Had an amazing time camping! Highly recommend Shepherd’s Rest!

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