Titanic Pub, Fresh Restaurant and Lady Dixon

For this week’s blog I didn’t think I would have much to write about as we only got back from Kerry and Cork on Tuesday, so I thought the weekend would be fairly quiet. (We had planned to do a ‘deep clean’ of the house but managed only to do a ‘light clean’)

Instead, we ended up going out for dinner twice last week and visited Sir Thomas and Lady Dixon Park ahead of the 50th Rose Week. (I can’t seem to do quiet weekends- always need to be up to something!)

So,on Friday evening we took a trip to Titanic Pub and Kitchen on Little Donegall Street. I’d been for lunch a while back, when it first changed to Titanic, and Barry had never been, but he knew it as the ‘old Frames.’

I choose the Titanic 6oz Homemade Beefburger (with Hickory cheddar, bacon and French fried onions) which costs £8, and the sides of Garlic Potatoes at £3. Barry opted for the Beer Battered Fish & Chips (Fresh Atlantic Cod with mushy peas, tartare sauce & a side of chunky chips), priced at £9. Have to say my burger was delicious; and the size was incredible! Both left very happy!

photo 1

Titanic 6oz Homemade Beefburger

photo 2

Beer Battered Fish & Chips

On Saturday, along with my mum and granny, I headed to Lady Dixon park ahead of this week’s Rose Week (21-26 July.) Now in it’s 50th year, it’s something we visited a lot as kids. (I always remember us getting an apple tart and heading to “see the roses”!!) There are plenty of pictures of myself, sister and brother as children in amongst the flowers and if I had been over at mum’s, I would have tried to hoke them out! Nonetheless, off we went to see a bit of what this year has to offer. Some beautiful roses on show, but I’m sure the live music and entertainment this week will brighten the park even more!

photo 4

50th Rose Week

photo 1

My mum and granny

photo 5

Rose Week selfies!

photo 3

Rose Week

Finally on Sunday, after some ‘light’ cleaning, we ended the weekend at Fresh Restaurant on the Cliftonville Road in north Belfast. The restaurant is owned by the butcher’s next door, so the meat is always (as the name suggests), fresh! The Sunday special is two courses for £9.95. I went for the Turkey and Ham, while Barry chose the Roast Beef. Great big portions! For dessert (which was the highlight for me) we shared the Raspberry Ruffle cheesecake and Mint Aero cheesecake! So tasty!

photo 2

Turkey and Ham- Sunday special

photo 3

Roast Beef

photo 4

Raspberry Ruffle Cheesecake

photo 5

Mint Aero Cheesecake

So a quiet week turned into a busy week after all!

Looking forward to writing next week’s post already- as I celebrate my 30th birthday this weekend coming!!

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