Long weekend away camping in Kerry and Cork

With four days off work, we decided to make the most of it and head away for the long weekend. We normally get great weekend deals in hotels on the likes of Groupon, Living Social, Grabone or TreatTicket but thought we would go for something different this time and decided to head away camping! (so we could bring the dog!)

Barry had been to a particular spot in County Kerry many years ago called Faungorth Campsite in Kenmare, so we decided to give it a go and off we went early on Saturday morning down to the far corner of Ireland.

In between stopping for breakfast, lunch, a supermarket run and a few leg breaks in between, it took about 8 hours to get down and we arrived about 6pm. The camping area had about 4 or 5 other tents set up but the site is particularly big so there’s lots of room! The campsite (which is also a farm) is extremely close to Killarney National Park (about 15 minutes drive) and just 2K from the lovely town of Kenmare, so a great base! (Plus it has toilets, showers, a communal area, games and a picnic spot).

On Saturday evening after driving through Killarney National Park, with unbelievable views, and then back to set up camp, we relaxed taking in the sights (and of course, sounds!) of the working farm.

photo 18

Ladies View, Killarney National Park

photo 24

 Ladies View, Killarney National Park

photo 27

Colourful town of Kenmare, Co Kerry

photo 21

Our home for the weekend, Faungorth

photo 20

Faungorth Campsite, Kenmare

photo 26

Faungorth Campsite, Kenmare

photo 22

Cooking at Kenmare

photo 1

Me enjoying Faungorth

On Sunday we headed off to explore West Cork. We had no real plans except we wanted to see Skibbereen, which is Ireland’s most southerly town. (Featured in the old popular Irish folk song.) Along the way we stopped at Druids View (Kerry) and Bantry, and took in the scenery of the stunning coast roads. It was about 20 degrees and sunny so it turned out to be a beautiful day! That night (having watched most of the World Cup and not wanting to miss it) we sat in the car at the campsite and listened to the final on the radio, turning the car over regularly so we didn’t run down the battery! Old school!

photo 2

Druids View

photo 16

Me and Mere at Druids View

photo 4

Bantry, West Cork

photo 3

Me at the statue of Theobold Wolftone, Bantry

photo 17

Skibbereen, Co Cork

photo 5


photo 23

Skibbereen ‘The Great Famine’ Memorial

photo 30

World Cup in the car!!

On Monday, our last full day, we decided to explore Kerry further and traveled up to Kilorglin where we visited the grave of my great great uncle Charlie Monahan who died in Kerry in 1916. We stopped off and had a nice look around the small town which lies on the River Laune before traveling to Dingle. Unfortunately the weather took a turn for the worst but we managed to head down to the harbour and see the many boats there! I’d been in Dingle when I was young and remember the famous dolphin who frequented the harbour, but we didn’t see him on our travels! I’m told he was born in the 1970s so pretty old by dolphin standards! That night we visited the lovely Sheen Falls in Kenmare and had a picnic (ok a chippy!) by the water.

photo 11

Me at Charlie Monahan’s grave in Kilorglin

photo 6

Myself at Dingle

photo 13

The Dingle Pub

photo 15

Sheen Falls, Kenmare

photo 9

Sheen Falls, Kenmare

We drove back up to Belfast on Tuesday, with another few stops along the way. My batteries have well and truly been recharged! A lovely break in a lovely part of Ireland!



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