Godzilla and Graveyards!

My week can be summed up by two words- Godzilla and Graveyard! Godzilla will be pretty obvious given that it was out in the cinema last week but the ‘Graveyard’ part is interesting- I toured a cemetery! Really!

On Monday I went to the premiere of Godzilla with Cool FM. It was a special preview showing put on for press, media and listeners. I was surprised to hear that it wasn’t even out in the cinema in America yet! Apart from the fact that it was going to be a film about a monster, I didn’t know much else about the original films or adaptations so my Godzilla knowledge was limited to say the least. I thought I might not enjoy it but I was surprised because I actually liked it! What was interesting was the lack of “Godzilla”, if that makes sense. Much of the film was background and the story of (“Walter White”) Bryan Cranston’s character Joe Brody and his son, Ford. But I think this worked well- and captured the audience in the “story” before the big special effects. I would be interested to hear what other people think about it?

My next outing last week was a tour of Clifton Street Cemetery in north Belfast. We had bought the tickets on GrabOne as Barry is from the area and had previously been on a similar tour many moons ago when he was at school. I joked on Friday in work that I was touring a cemetery and many thought it was a ghost tour but, in fact, it was one of the most interesting historical tours I’ve been on in a long time. There was so much history in this one small plot- including the graves of Henry Joy McCracken and William Drennan, who is known as the first to refer in print to Ireland as the Emerald Isle. We also learnt about the mass famine and cholera graves there. The tour, by Irish Tour Tickets, was over two hours long as is well worth a visit, whether you are from the area or not. photo 1
Clifton House poorhouse

photo 2
Grave of Henry Joy McCracken

photo 3
Mass famine grave

photo 4
Grave of William Drennan

Then finally on Saturday, to round up the week, we took a short trip up to Antrim to head to Junction Jacks minigolf. Fancy myself as a bit of a golfer but sadly lost by just one point! Next time, it’s mine!

photo 1 (2)

photo 2 (2)


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